About "One Room Heroes"


The idea of "One Room Heroes" started the beginning of 2016 with Betty Stukenholtz requesting "nominations" for country school teacher honorees for a plaque to be unveiled at the Peru State conference last summer. So many people responded it was overwhelming, then it blossomed into the idea of a book.

The plaque that was dedicated at the conference in July 2016 has 250 names on it. People sent wonderful stories and photographs along with their nominations, and they continued to pour in. We have well over 300 now. It was her intent to have this available this summer but she left us too soon. Therefore it seemed fitting that we would make the request again this year in Betty's honor.

"One Room Heroes" we hope will be published in the Spring 2018 in memory of Betty with proceeds going to support the Nebraska Country School Association. 

If you would like to submit the name of a teacher to honor, please send to necountryschoolassociation@windstream.net. Please include the years taught, name of school and district if possible. Photographs of schools, classrooms and teachers are welcome as Jpeg attachments. We welcome stories about a country school and a special teacher. Because of sheer volume of regular mail we received last year, we must request emails, word documents and scanned images only to the address above.