“Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational.” 
― Charles M. Schulz


2017 NCSA Conference Agenda


8:00 - 8:30          Registration - Coffee, tea and breakfast served. 

8:30 - 8:50          Welcome - Sheryl Feinstein, Dean UNK College of Education.

                             Remembering Betty Stukenholtz, NCSA Founder - Beth Stukenholtz.

                             Conference Overview - Dr. Linda Thomas, Professor of Management, Bellevue                              University.

8:50 -10:00          Keynote Speaker: History of the Orphan Train Movement - Shaley K. George                                Curator of the National Orphan Train Museum Complex, Concordia, Kansas.                                  

10:00 -10:15 Break

10:15 - 11:00        Tracy Tucker, Education Director, The Willa Cather Foundation with                                               Ardis Yost, former teacher and owner of a one room school near Red                                                  Cloud. NE.                                                                 

11:00 - 11:20   Break

11:20 - 12:00        Concurrent Session I - The Bizzard of 1888 - Dr. Christopher Steinke,                                             Assistant Professor of History, UNK. 

                              Concurrent Session II - Dry and Dusty Lands: Exploring the Dust Bowl                                         through Reports, Photographs, and Posters - Dr. David Vail, Assistant                                            Professor of History, UNK. 

12:00 - 1:15          Lunch: Dr. Dan Holtz - Guest Entertainer and Historian , Nebraska                                                 Humanities. 

1:15  - 1:30           Invitation:  2018 National Country School Conference at Homestead National                               Monument. Beatrice, NE. 

1:30  - 2:10           The Genoa Indian Industrial School - Nancy Carlson and Alyce Tejral.

2:10 -  2:30           Break

2:30 -  3:15           Last of the One Room Schools -  Joel Geyer, Producer at NET. Following the                                 lives of children in the last one room school in Broken Bow, NE in the 1990's. 

3:15 -  3:45           End daytime session. Break to travel to the Arch. 

3:45 -  5:15           Tour of "The Archway": Museum covering 170 years of history and stories of                                 the Pioneers that traveled the Great Platt River Road. 

5:30 - 7:00            Dinner: Keynote Speaker and special guest Senator Sandy Scofield. 


8:30 - 9:15           Breakfast gathering in the Atrium of the College of Education. Laurinda Weisse,                              the University Archivist, presenting the history of UNK. Dean Sheryl                                               Feinstein, College of Education sharing The  Wall "One Room, One                                               Teacher", honoring the contributions of country school teachers. 

9:45-10:30           Buffalo County Historical Society "Trails and Rails Museum" visit to see the

                             first framed schoolhouse in Buffalo County built in 1871.

10:30                    Depart for Kearney County Historical Museum. Approximately 30 minute                                       drive by private car. 530 N. Nebraska Ave, Minden, NE.

11:00 - 12:15        Tour Kearney County Historical Museum and Schools.

12:30 - End           Luncheon at Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn, north of Minden.


                              Guest Speaker:  Gary Zabokrtsky - Remembering My One Room Country                                      School Days"

We invite our attendees to take advantage of area attractions Saturday afternoon. These include Pioneer Village in Minden, The Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege, The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island, and the Will Cather Museum and Sites in Red Cloud are in this general area of the state. Links are provided below. 

The Willa Cather Foundation

Pioneer Village

Nebraska Prairie Museum

Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

Hotels and accommodations can be found at visitkearney.org